Failing Crops Means Raising Prices

Drache's most famous (and infamous) inn, established by their Majesties King BLKDRAGON and Queen AngelSin in the Year 465. A haven for the city's aristocrats and lowlifes alike.
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Failing Crops Means Raising Prices

Post by Suzthulhu » Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:23 pm

* @Dulcina hums to herself as she sweeps around one of the tables near the bar, shuffling her feet and swaying back and forth. A small pile of dust and dirt has formed under the broom, so she starts toward the door, sweeping the debris with her.

> As Dulcina nears the door, it opens, letting in a short, lanky fellow who looks a bit out of place in this district. He has on a straw hat, a worn shirt with the sleeves rolled up, pants rolled up to his knees, and sandals on his feet. There are sweat stains down his back and under his arms. Right behind him is a much taller man, dressed like a typical merchant, and carrying a stack of rolled papers under his arm. The two men step aside to let Dulcy sweep the dirt out the door, and when she's finished, the taller one clears his throat. "Tespin, we need to have a word."

* @Dulcina finishes sweeping the dirt out the door, favoring the two men with a polite smile of thanks as they step out of the way. The taller man is familiar; most establishments in the city go through him for their grain needs, and the Inn is no exception. The short farmer doesn't ring any bells, however. When they express the need to talk, she lofts a brow and sets her broom aside, gesturing toward the bar. "Good evening, vorfon, what brings you here, and who is your friend, if I might ask?"

> "My friend here is Dolbrith ul-Xan. He is one of the farmers that supplies the grain I sell. His farm is one of the largest suppliers, in fact." Gailbrin, the taller man, has a seat at the bar, setting his rolled papers atop it. Dolbrith greets Dulcina with a nod and offers a hand out. Following the introduction, Gailbrin continues, "I'm afraid we come with bad news, Tespin. We will no longer be able to offer the Black Dragon its cuatomary bulk purchase discount."

* @Dulcina shakes Dolbrith's hand, returning to her place behind the bar as the two men sit. "Oh? No discount? I suppose that's understandable." She gestures to the taps behind her. "Can I get you anything to drink while we talk?"

> "Tespin... it's not just the discount. I... well, I'm sure you've heard about the terrible need for rain we've got, and all our crops are dyin' in spite of what all the wizards have been doin'. We can't offer a discount, hell..." Dolbrith fumbles, frowning. Both men decline a drink. "What my friend is trying to say is, we're in very bad shape. We can't keep the supply up... and we still have to make our money."

* @Orwell rouses from his customary drunken half slumber near the hearth and shuffles over, listening in. He hears enough, and shakes his head.

* @Dulcina listens, lips pressed together. He doesn't need to explain more. "How much higher will the prices be?" She'd figured out what the two of them were getting at pretty quickly. Her mouth draws down in a frown as Orwell joins them.

> Gailbrin quietly passes the rolled papers over the bar to Dulcina. "For what it's worth, I am sorry. But we have no choice." He stands, as does Dolbrith, and the two men start back toward the door. They have other places to being the bad news to as well. "Real sorry, Dulcy. If we could help it..." He leaves it hanging in the air as the door shuts behind them.

* @Orwell sighs heavily as he looks over the new price lists for what they usually purchase and bends, pulling a ledger book out from behind the bar, along with a quill and ink well. Opening the ledger, he starts to write, glancing from the ledger to the rolled papers and back, making notes. "Bad business, thish is."

* @Dulcina watches the two men go before turning to Orwell, nodding as he gets to work on the tallies and purchases ledger. She fetches a damp cloth and a piece of chalk, turning to erase the menu from a blackboard behind the bar, rewriting it with much higher prices.
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