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Outside the city of Drache lies a number of cities, towns and provinces of varying size and populace. Most of the people living outside Drache are natives who speak Arangothian and observe the native customs and rituals. Click here for a list Arangoth's locales, and here to view a map.
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Return to Lathrelk

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On his off days, Lane would be back and forth to Lathrelk quite frequently. The house was coming along nicely. It wasn't a mansion by any means, but it was a fair shade larger than the house that had burned down from the fire that consumed the farmhouse where he and Callisto had fought the vampire Loren Casterel. It was still mostly framework, though some of the outer walls had gone up, and inner framework was starting to give some defining space for separate rooms. Attached to the main portion of the house was what appeared to be a large horse stall, with a sizable section for a big window to connect the two spaces. The house itself was fairly small though, compared to the acreage that it sat upon.

The house was positioned at the rear of the property, and another small building was being put up closer to the front. What WAS finished was what appeared to be a fairly extensive archery range, a few fighting rings for some hand to hand and melee combat practice, and a varied selection of dummies to shoot, stab, and wail on to peoples' hearts content. The last time he returned to town, he'd spread the word about teaching the survivors, those that wanted a chance to fight back, how to stand their ground and fight against vampires. He wanted to teach them the means to prevent what had happened from ever happening again. The turnout.. wasn't great. Only twenty or so people, this first day. Still, that was twenty people who wanted to stand and fight, to help their neighbors and protect their town.

"I had hoped for more," he began, picking up a bow and holding it out to the person closest to him, "Still, I will be glad to teach you everything you want to learn. So let's get started..."
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