Year in Review/State of the Channel (2018)

All out of character announcements and news about the channel and site.
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Year in Review/State of the Channel (2018)

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Year in Review (2018) / State of the Channel

Haha, so this is a little late because I've been dragging my feet about writing this, because we all know that I suck. Sorry!

So without further ado and in no particular order, here it is!

2017 was a great year for BDI. Our momentum from 2016 carried us into the new year. We've been holding steady at 40-55 users for several months in a row, making us the largest RP channel on DarkMyst. Only four of those users are bots, so go us! Such a massive improvement from the state of the channel back in 2012, when I took over.

BDI turns 23 in March! Wow. Wouldn't be here without the players, so thank you to you. <3

We finished up the civil war plot. Arangoth transformed from a kingdom to a confederacy of duchies ruled over by a couple of op PCs. In case you missed this, Transdariania is now ruled over by the beautiful and terrible Isabelle Auxerre. She celebrated her wedding to the Sithire of Minkbrantha, Asnerith Dreth by hosting a festival and tournament, which was our first player tournament in a couple of years. (It made Riddy very happy. Hopefully others, too.)

PCs were installed in the newly formed Drachean City Council. We will be looking to shuffle around PCs soon, so stay on the look out. Also intending to expand this part of the government to allow for additional PCs.

Oneidhae were definitely a trend this past year. Many Oneidhae characters were created and explored IC in 2017. Seems something's cooking up for them. Fish fry, anyone?

The Coal Killer terrorized Drache for several months, playing cat and mouse with the Civic Guard until slipping up and making a mistake, ending up caught, though this was technically in 2018. Oops.

Karadhra (or Caelan, as we're rebranding her) took over the Rumor Mill and has been doing a fantastic job with it. She posts about once a month about relevant IC topics.

We received a couple of new, updated maps from Pigasus for which we're very grateful. New, updated political world map with the orient in the east & this lovely Veth map Aren't they pretty? So thanks for that, Igor!

Igor was also responsible for introducing the Iraqi Special Forces song to the channel: - Enjoy this ear worm, it's super catchy.

Ravynetti Tivaurd hosted a masquerade around Halloween.

Ghouls terrorized the city for several months before the combined efforts of the Civic Guard and the Tivaurd Organization quelled it. The mystery man controlling the ghouls is still on the loose but appearing to be laying low for the time being. They attacked the House of Healing, the main guardhouse and a nursery. (I feel like I'm forgetting something else.)

Menxrukians firebombed the harbour, destroying a number of ships in port at the time. This spurred on the efforts of Floxod Uzzo in its repair and reconstruction. Currently ongoing and due to be fully completed by summer time.

The currency system has been revamped to be easier to understand. It's a base-100 silver system, maintaining silver crowns as being the primary currency of value. Arangothian Currency on the wiki.

Shayde and Igor both busted their asses to update and flesh out some of the material on the wiki, for which we are grateful. They've done a ton of work. Much love to them.

In Memorium

That other Trace PC
The seven victims of the Coal Killer
Zarah Crane
Numerous sailors and harbour workers
Thieves Guild

Going forward into 2018, we're definitely looking to continuing to offer plotlines and stories. Politicking is picking back up, so if you want to get involved, please let us know.

We've made the ops channel, #The*Campfire open to any player that wishes to speak with the op team. We prefer that you definitely come in and talk to us, instead of PMing one of us, because we invariably end up pasting everything to the rest of the team, anyways. But so that it's clear, any player is welcomed to join the ops room to talk to us in privacy, away from the peanut gallery of the OOC channel.

We've made some changes in regards to how we're handling snarkiness in the OOC. There was an issue with this in the past year, and the worst offenders have been talked to about it. We're definitely trying to keep a lid on it. We're committed to making the OOC channel an inviting, welcoming place for anyone that wants to hang with that insanity.

We've seen a lot of new players over the last year, and allow me to welcome you all, because we're happy to have you here.
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