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This Isn't Tinder

Post by Nymphetamine »

It's recently come to our attention that IC channels have become overly frequently focused on sex and prostitution. While we all agree that romance is a vital part to roleplay, this single minded, high school aged preoccupation on sex is not. "Pre-cyber" or the heavy flirtation and seduction RP that's leading up to a sex scene has definitely been on the rise. This has gone on to the point of discomfort of numerous players and actively discouraged many from participating in the main channels while people are continually discussing sex.

We don't need to know what's going on in your character's bedroom. Use some discretion. We all know you're boinking, and don't care that you are. We just don't want to be constantly deluged by who's fucking whom 24/7.

Please don't use BDI as your medieval fantasy Tinder. Or if you're going to, take it to a side channel and stop being so obvious about it in the main channels. This isn't The Lonely Inn.
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