Staff Changes (Fall 2019)

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Staff Changes (Fall 2019)

Post by Nymphetamine »

With the move to Discord, BDI has been undergoing a number of changes, both to where we're located and what platform we're primarily focused on, as well as a number of staff changes that we are currently still working on. Amy, Jammy and Chi have been fantastic additions to the mod team over the years. I couldn't have taken over the channel without Amy's help back in 2012. Jammy and Chi both stepped up when asked and have been hard working members of the team. Unfortunately time commitments has called all of them away, and in order to continue fostering the growth out of the game, we need active and present mods.

Additional changes to the staff and support team are coming. We would like to see the Setting Nerds and Storytellers become more active positions. We've already created a role for Discord called Security that will primarily focus on moderating the Discord with the bots during server raids (good luck getting through Gud's hoops) or when there's obviously bad actors creating drama on the server. We would like to see our Reporters back in on the action. These are all intended to be -actively- fulfilled positions, where the players added to a given team are actively performing their role. We will be working on updating not only the operator charter (which needs a better name now) but the staff positions outline. At the moment, both of these documents are old, and haven't been updated, and do not reflect our intentions of changes, or any changes that have been made. They're being linked strictly to provide people with an idea of what we'll be looking for out of some of the previously defined roles, and what you can expect of our requirements.

If you are interested in becoming mod staff or support staff, please stay tuned for future announcements. We will be expanding our definitions of roles to accommodate a variety of needs and skill sets required to keep BDI functioning.
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