A Tale of Griffon's Aerie- The Dryad's Song

The ancient western environs are full of lore and mystery. From the free port city of Secca, to the misanthropic land of Leturia and the tyrannical kingdom of Griffon's Aerie. Surrounding these nations are the ancient elves of Elvendeep and the vast orcish lands of Zul Kiras. Other areas of interest include The Ferluxebi Desert and Nahuatl.
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A Tale of Griffon's Aerie- The Dryad's Song

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Listen. Can you hear the song?

“We’ve always been here. Watching”

It echoes through the land.

“We watched you crawl from the oceans. Gasping for air”

Through every blade of grass, every leaf, every twig.

“We watched as you stood tall, and spread wings”

Through every life.

“We Chose you, let you arise in mind and soul as you had in body”

Through your mind.

“Our Song was for you, the lords of the air, to guard the ladies of the ground”

Though your soul

“The Eons have passed, the Choice forgotten, yet the Song remains”


“You still protect Us, without question, yet we kept the keys to power”


“But, now. Autumn is coming. To our land of eternal summer”

Or is it?

“We sicken. The land dies and we die with it”


“The guardians of our Song die with us”

The song misses its first note.

“The Planes are ripping, and they rip us too”

A note from the eternal Song.

“We must release the keys, but how? Our touch is poison now”

The Song that lives in all the land.



“One comes, one with a foot outside our touch. She is weak, but she must take the keys”

Know that the song is ending.
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