Harvest Festival Masquerade Event Schedule

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When should we hold the festival masquerade event?

Poll ended at Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:04 pm

Wednesday, Oct 31st: 6pm-10pm CDT
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Thursday, Nov 1st: 6pm-10pm CDT
Friday, Nov 2nd: 8pm-12am CDT
Anytime (I'm like Margo, and spend entirely too much time on IRC)
Other (Please state below)
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Total votes: 9

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Harvest Festival Masquerade Event Schedule

Post by Nymphetamine »

Alright. We're working (belatedly!) on a harvest festival... week, thing... The events that are intended to be GM'd are the masquerade, and the two divisions of the tournament (more to follow). What I'm looking for is feedback regarding the time and scheduling of these events.

Normally, as some of you know, I ran my event stuff on Saturdays, 6pm-10pm PST (9pm-1am EST, do the math for the others yourself). The first GM post went out at 6pm, my time, and by 10pm, the action was winding down, with another hour or two of voluntary "clean up" that people participated in, but that didn't have anymore combat.

However! Halloween makes an excellent day, given the mythos in the real world surrounding it. And lots of people would be home that night, handing out candy. I'm not sure if this would be the *best* night for everyone, but for scheduling, I need to know. We have some stuff prepped for the evening of the masquerade, and I'd like to get the details handled for when the best time would be for the maximum amount of players.

Please vote and gimme feedback on what you'd like to see done.

Tournament rules, sign up and scheduling is to follow.
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Re: Harvest Festival Masquerade Event Schedule

Post by Pigasus »

Halloween is a terrible day for me as I'll be out at real halloween parties.
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Re: Harvest Festival Masquerade Event Schedule

Post by KnightErrant »

Same here. And November 2 i will be prepping for a Ren faire. There's a good chance I'll be around Thursday though.
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Re: Harvest Festival Masquerade Event Schedule

Post by TheC »

I voted but it goes without saying that any days listed are okay with me. :) Except Saturday. (Which isn't listed but still!) Hockey Saturday - can't miss that!
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Re: Harvest Festival Masquerade Event Schedule

Post by Obsidian »

I'm with C here. Wednesday and Saturday are both Hockey days for me and I -will not- be here until 10:30 at the earliest on those days. Thursday and Friday are both perfectly acceptable. :)