The issue of firearms, airships, and steam punk.

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Re: The issue of firearms, airships, and steam punk.

Post by Drache »

Here is my thought on this:

I would love to see simple firearms and airships in BDI. I do not agree that having them poses any greater risk for abuse than some of the things being currently played, such as say...the avatar of a deity, a dragon in disguise who is apparently so powerful that no one is allowed to know what they are, uber-powerful geomancers, or army-raising liches. It is true that firearms could be abused, but if we forbid them solely on that principal, we might as well ban many other things as well. I think that there have been several good ideas posed to help reduce the incidence of people abusing things like firearms.

I also do not think that having firearms does anything to harm the image of a high-fantasy setting. Some of the best examples of high-fantasy fiction that I have read, as well as a great number of high-fantasy online RPs I have played, DID include firearms or their non-magic equivalent, and they managed to do so without turning into something more steampunk. I think that allowing their use will serve only to add a little bit more flavour to the setting, and I can personally vouch for at least one great RPer who has never played in BDI solely because his number one character uses a pair of flintlock pistols.

For those who are having their doubts, I understand what you are trying to say, but frankly, I have yet to see a reason to say 'no' to firearms that truly sounds legitimate. It mostly sounds like a lot of "we don't like change" and "but I don't -wanna-". This attitude doesn't seem conducive to a setting that is trying to grow and draw in new players. If you dont want to play characters who use guns, don't.
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Re: The issue of firearms, airships, and steam punk.

Post by Alex »

I'm totally opposed to man-portable firearms in BDI. They aren't needed and will, a lot of the time, devolve into 8 year olds playing Cowboys and Indians. "I hit you!" "Did not!" "Did too!" FFRP combat sees enough of that as it is, but introducing a weapon that functionally covers the space between two players instantly is pretty much the same as an autohit. Then again, crossbows fire at 300ft/sec or more and certain compound bows will fire even faster, so maybe that's a moot point.

Cannons are fine because it's a damn port city and some people (I'm looking at Stu and JD) seem to really enjoy the whole 'Master and Commander' style of RP. Frankly, I enjoy watching it, so I'm all for it.

Airships should go as they always have. Used incredibly sparingly and usually only for channel-wide plots and the like, otherwise, as we've heard before, it invites all sorts of problems. If a character really wants a vessel, make it naval.
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Re: The issue of firearms, airships, and steam punk.

Post by Pigasus »

Before reading this thread, I was on the fence about naval cannons and airships. Now that I've read it, I'd like to vote for:

- No firearms
- No airships

Everyone either voted against them or demonstrated that they can't handle it if approved.
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Re: The issue of firearms, airships, and steam punk.

Post by Selestia »

While Igor gets Hero of the Day status for succinctly putting an end to this entire...annoying little topic, I think Alex puts it at best.

Unless we want our lives ruled by dice (and I'll go table-top if I want THAT), you just can't get around the 8 year-old "I hit you!" "You did not!" that would inevitably break out. Granted that most RPers on IRC are getting up there in age, but a weapon that is designed to autohit would just make our lives miserable. Sure, you can say "You have to load it and ready the flintlock and blab blah blah" but by the time you've hoisted that puppy up I've either run you over or run you through. Either way, your firearm didn't do squat, so why carry it--especially if they're big, bulky, one-shot monstrosities that are going to get you killed in the end, so the point (and this argument) is moot.

I'm seriously amazed that, with all the imagination out there, we're stuck on gunpowder as an issue. And the whole "There's players out there that won't play in BDI because their characters have guns" argument is...invalid. If they wanted to play in BDI, they'd be playing in BDI.

If you want to play with firearms and gunpowder and steampunk, go RP in a steampunk channel.
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Re: The issue of firearms, airships, and steam punk.

Post by Nymphetamine »

In summary:

* Gunpowder: Okay as an alchemical component, or for explosives.

* Firearms: Not okay. People do not seem to want guns in the fantasy world of BDI, for various reasons, but largely it comes down to "I don't think of BDI as having guns".

* Steampunk: Not okay. Again, not a steampunk channel. (We can discuss magictech, if you'd prefer.)

* Airships: Past precedence, used in plots only, not as a pimp mobile to pick up chicks or ladies, and only to be used for channel wide plots.

I won't lie. I'm kinda annoyed that by page 5, people are still using the argument of "we don't want change because we don't want guns!"

Closing this thread. Thanks for all of the input.