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Help wanted!

Post by dragonwielder »

I've got a real good trade deal readied up, the main issue is that it requires a journey trough the Elgar. Due to the nature of this place, simple security will not do, which is why I'm endeavoring to hire adventurers to help transport the caravan. Adventurers who join will be paid handsomely. 1000 crown each and a discount on any goods I sell them. Meals will be provided on the trip by my dwarven chef who makes a real nice steak. Living needs such as tents and sleeping bags will be provided as well. All one needs to bring is their gear. Think of it as a relaxing camping trip, with a high chance of one having to beat something to death.

-Nicholas Baroque.

The quest will begin when I have at least two people who are planning to go on it. My schedule is very open. Reply to the post if you're interested.

For those who don't have a forum account, just pm me.
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Re: Help wanted!

Post by Lucidaer »

(I've a couple characters that can go.)
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Re: Help wanted!

Post by Gudrun »

I have a half-orc char named Bog that I can sign up for this.

My schedule is a lil chaotic now until the end of July, but I'll be available nights and weekends
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Re: Help wanted!

Post by Lisachan1975 »

I could send along my Half-Golem, Yaven or Sasha My Stealthy character. Up to you. :)
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Re: Help wanted!

Post by deaconaiello »

I would be interested.

I would take Quadim, a human with bow specialties.
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Re: Help wanted!

Post by Shayde »

Marius Gang (probably)

Otherwise Linn. Not sure yet.
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