Varquia Fenexessa Hest

Drache is the present-day capital of the Kingdom of Arangoth and lies at the mouth of the River Darian, surrounded by the city docks all along the waterfront. Click here for information on the various suburbs and areas of Drache. You can also click here to view a sketched map of the city.
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Varquia Fenexessa Hest

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All over Drache and in the Inn posters start appearing. proclaiming the following :

Varquia Fenexessa Hest
to be held in Merchant Square on Sundas 25 Last seed 489
Brothers in Arms Day

(ooc note: this is a festival to celebrate all guard (city and provincial) as well as other services provided by military in and around Transdariania)
(ooc note: drinks are free at the inn for such personell only on the festival day)
(ooc note: corresponding date is Sun Aug 25. to be an all day event held in outside channel)
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