To the City Council

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To the City Council

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Penned with extraordinary care, a letter arrives on fine stationery, perfumed of sweet jasmine and white tea, and silky smooth to the touch.
To (Whom It May Concern)
It is with the utmost respect to the council of this fine city that I request permission to reside within Drache and conduct my magical experimentation. My companion and I consider ourselves witch hunters by trade and travel from city to city assisting in the destruction of those who would use necromancy for ill. We ask little to no payment. We merely enjoy bringing about an end to abominable creatures.

In this, I must confess that I am fey-ri, but I have spent many decades of my life atoning for the crimes of my ancestors, and would never pervert the natural law by raising the undead. In the past, each of my subjects have been captured in the field either by my own hand, that of my companion. I seek only to develop new methods for the neutralization of necromantic spells and using these talents for benevolent purposes.

I look forward to your return correspondence.

Kind regards,
Maledicia Bloodlotus
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Re: To the City Council

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A second parcel tied with black silk ribbon is delivered to those to whom it may concern, the contents of which include a handful of separate letters from various employers around Southern and Northern Veth.

Letter one, sealed with dark blue wax bearing the symbol of a seabird.

Maledicia Bloodlotus served me well, helping to rid my homestead of bothersome fae pests. While I admit, I first had reservations about the woman, she handled herself with professionalism and poise, dealt with me fairly, and upheld her promises to rid me of my issues.

Most Gratefully,
Jorandin Valenleaf of Sonmor

Letter two, tied with rough twine

Four years ago I ran afoul of undead when I dug up a new field and found skeletons beneath the grass instead of good soil. Miss Maledicia and her companion assisted me when none other would, and I owe her for that. She didn't charge me a thing, Menxvan bless her sweet soul. I don't know what she did, but the dead rest again and she helped me find a more suitable location for my vines.

Signed, Kalia Veergard of Elluria

The other three letters follow along the same lines.
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