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Wiki and Forums

Post by Karras »

Hey guys,

I like the the forums and the new Wiki setup. Hopefully the issue where the forum logins won't connect to the Wiki can be sorted.

Before we launch the new site and get underway, I thought some suggestions might be in order. Firstly the RP section of the forum can be expanded to include locations (Drache city locations, Outer Arangoth, and other nations/cities divided by their areas of the continent (The Midlands, The Southlands, the Orcish North, Northern Plains and Desert, The Western Nations, The Seaborne Nations etc). Also some other forums for other OOC related stuff and non-BDI related material (as you get in most forums).

As for the Wiki, I'm really keen on this and I thought it might be good to complete some pages before we launch it. Instead of converting all the PHP and database accross from the old website, I thought perhaps making Wiki pages of the actual settings, locations and so forth with a more minimalized approach, similiar to a Wikipedia article, with links to extended stuff such as extended histories, lore, etc. I know that sounds like a lot of work and I'm not suggesting others all have to do it, in fact it's one of the few things I'd be keen on taking the reins for, being one of the few setting nerds left.

If you want to discuss this further, feel free to send me an email.

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