Proposition for the Privy Council

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Proposition for the Privy Council

Post by Trace »

I believe I may have stumbled across a solution to the giant roach problem.

As per the report I made regarding my investigation into the cause of the giant flora inhabiting the Forest Reserve, I surmise that I have located a cause if not the cause for these unusually large specimens.

Unfortunately due to the fact that there are giant roaches inhabiting the sewer system I can't get close enough to the point of origin to invest further and if need be seal it up. This is where my idea comes into play.

[attached are some crudely-copied maps of the Drache sewer and flood channel networks, marked at several points]

As you can see here, from my perusal of city engineering documents, there are several points where the runoff channels are close to the sewers; I am formally requesting permission to temporarily connect these two systems, and follow it up by diverting the Darian river INTO the flood channels; if I have everything read properly, this will flood the sewers and hopefully flush out the oversized insects. In order to keep them from moving out onto the surface, of course, the access points will need to be sealed shut. Thereafter the sewers can be allowed to empty out and a team can then enter the tunnels and pinpoint the location of this breach, as well as whatever object or artifact might be contributing to the excessive growth found in the plants on the surface.

I am going to submit a copy of this plan to my superiors in order to secure as many Spellcasters from the Guard as can be spared, as well as any civilian mages and civil engineers that might be willing to volunteer for this task.

I do invite any refinements to this idea that can be offered.

To summarize: permission to dig more holes in the streets, sirs and madams.

Presented by Russell Renata, Arms-Corporal, Drache Civic Guard.
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Re: Proposition for the Privy Council

Post by TheOneWhoKnows »

*A missive penned in an austere manner on a prepared sheet of quality vellum, bearing the seal of the Drachean City Council*
After pulling further government records and city maps, several of which have been revised over Drache's oft tumultuous, natural (and unnatural) disaster littered history, it is uncertain if such a proposed plan is plausible to the degree desired.

As of note, the systems of the districts in question, are already fed from the Darian River directly, which serves to feed the various fountains and public water works, which are promptly drained into the main drainage and sewage lines. This serves to keep water flowing beneath the city streets, drain it of heavy rains, as well as assist in ensuring all of its contents are ultimately discharged into the bay. Due to a change of political influence after the Civil War, and the formation of the Duchies, Ruthmarna no longer serves as a landfill for such dross. As such, it has become imperative to ensure these connected tunnels and cisterns are all interconnected without blockages to best relieve Drache of heavy rains and flood waters.

Further potential damage and interference of these infrastructures is ill advised, and as such, the City Council cannot in good faith sign off on the plan as it stands.
A trio of signatures are attached to the missive:

- Floxod Aridia Vloress
- Arms Lieutenant Branth ul-Alathar Mitrod
- Arangire Uzzo Salksilek
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