Aran Beach is now OPEN!

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Aran Beach is now OPEN!

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Come to gorgeous Aran Beach!

Dreading the coming winter? Has the hustle and bustle of life gotten you down? Can't stand Drache's weather and politics? Just need a weekend to escape?

Aran Beach has been REVITALIZED to suit your needs! What was once a quiet, lonely (and frankly, unremarkable) town just south of Aran Keep has been transformed! Thanks to the work of the keep's mages, elementals have been hired to make this THE place for you to unwind.

Until 31.X.486, Aran Beach will remain open, and thanks to fire elementals, the temperature will always remain a pleasant 72 degrees!

Three different beaches to choose!

  • -Lounge
    -Safe swimming, guarded by water elementals
Powder-White Relaxation!
  • -Noise-restricted
    -Very soft sand
    -Localized air elemental cooling on request
    -Staffed by waiters
Adrenaline Onyx!
  • -Large waves for surfing
    -Grubball arenas for different skill levels
    -Daily sport tournaments
    -Mundane and magical medics on-duty
But Aran Beach is more than just beaches. Explore the shoreline and forests with 17 different trails! Boat rentals are available to explore the newly created archipelago (thanks, elementals)! Come hang gliding from the cliffs! See pamphlets for a full listing of activities!

Once the sun goes down, prepare to party. Shows occur nightly among three different stages! Partake of several taverns, bars, and restaurants that showcase food and drink from the local Aran Keep fare to the most exotic and exquisite tastes! And unlike certain cities, you'll ALWAYS be safe on the streets! Golems patrol night and day, while also serving as informational kiosks for all who need it (57 different languages supported).

Stay at the AranGOLD Resort for the most opulent of accommodations. Fit for literal kings! Room packages include box seating at all Adrenaline Onyx tournaments and access to a private, fourth beach!

The South Cove Hotel is perfect for those who want to splurge a bit! Room accommodations also include discounts at select taverns, restaurants, and shows!

For those on a budget, Holiday Lodgings is just right for you! Located right on Traditional Beach!

Transport caravans have begun traveling back and forth between Drache and Aran Beach twice daily! A round trip only costs 10 crowns, so how could you say no?

Even when the dreary, cold sea fog is encroaching on Drache, just remember things are always a pleasant 72 here at Aran Beach! Take one of the attached pamphlets below for yourself, and come away with us TODAY!

~ Paradise is in your backyard ~

*Aran Beach is affiliated with Aran Keep. Aran Keep and Aran Beach are two distinct, separate towns, separated by a wall. Any defacement of the wall or harassment of Aran Keep's villagers will result in imprisonment. Any attempt to unlawfully gain access to Aran Keep's castle will result in imprisonment. Any attempt to harass, influence, or control the elementals or golems will result in imprisonment. You WILL abide by all of the land's laws or you WILL be imprisoned. They ARE lenient but fair, and informational vouchers containing a full and detailed listing will be provided by all golem guards upon request. Visiting citizens of Drache, since they are not Arangoth citizens, if they should be imprisoned, will be extradited to Drache to face punishment to the FULLEST extent of the law. We are equipped for you to enjoy yourselves, but we are also VERY prepared to deal with crime SEVERELY. DO NOT TEST US. This is NOT a place for you to misbehave. ~Aran Keep's Seneschal

((Go to #AranBeach to enjoy your vacation TODAY!))
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