El-Ekki and Sevule

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Country Information
Capital: Calabaro
Language: Ellurian
Ethnic Group: Human
Religion: Ellurian pantheon
Government: Garos Council
Current Ruler: Sir Dutlof Lio
Population: 28,000

Country Information
Capital: Y'Kiomi
Language: Ellurian
Ethnic Group: Humans
Religion: Ellurian Religion
Government: Monarchy
Current Ruler: King Edward of Luquef

El-Ekki and Sevule are independent island nations that both sit off the coast of Elluria and are tightly connected to Ellurian culture and politics.

El-Ekki is known for its world-class food and some of the most beautiful shrines in the world, as well as the relics of ancient civilizations. For years the peoples of Tollor, Emil, Teldanar, Aslar, and Sevule have spent their Del-Ot holiday in El-Ekki seeking spiritual fulfillment.

The rocky Sevule is a former naval base that developed into a small nation in its own right after its brief war of independence became too costly for its Tollorian masters. It is known for its surprisingly dominant Grubball team.



El-Ekki has long been revered as a place of spiritual importance to followers of the Ellurian religion, but remained sparsely settled until the year 273 (803 in Ellurian reckoning) when Sir Walter Arin of Tollor founded the Kingdom of El-Ekki. Arin's kingdom was a dependency of Tollor in all but name, and the Tollorian and Tyranorian governments used the island as a naval base for the next forty years.

  • In 313 (ER: 843), El-Ekki was granted independence by King Treshire III of Tollor due to the island's religious significance.
  • In 413 (ER: 933), the Garos Council was set up in the capital city of Calabaro to make decisions regarding the spiritual enlightenment of the peoples of the neighboring countries.
  • In 460 (ER: 990), Sir Dutlof Lio was granted Head Seat of the council and declared that he would make peace in the troubled lands surrounding the country, declaring "it is a crime that there is war so close to such a sacred place."
  • On the 10th of Second Seed, 467 (ER: 997), Lio sent invitations to the countries of Emil, Griffon's Aerie, Leturia, Sevule, Teldanar, Tollor, and Tyranor to work out a trade agreement for peace over the south sea. This was not to be successful.
  • When war broke out in 469 (ER: 999) between Aslar and Elluria, El-Ekki maintained a general neutrality. However, by the next year, Aslar had nearly conquered the entirety of Ellurian territory. Refugees flocked to El-Ekki and a temporary Ellurian Government-in-exile was even based on the island for a time. The refugees have mostly returned to either Tollor or Alesian Elluria since the war's end.


Sevule was sparsely settled until the year 273 (803 in Ellurian reckoning), when Treshire II of Tollor ordered the building of a naval base on the island as part of an effort to curb piracy during the maritime dominance of the Tollorian Silver Age.

The Sevulians revolted in the year 307 (837 ER) and seized the Tollorian naval vessels in the port of Y'Kiomi. There were a series of battles in which both sides took heavy losses, and the Tollorians finally withdrew from from the island and acknowledged its independence in in 309 (839 ER).

Geographical Features


Both islands sit off the coast of the of the Southland Peninsula

There are three ancient temples located on the island: Temple Gitaro, Temple Grelon, and Temple Ekki, named after three of the major gods of the Pre-Ellurian era.


Sevule is a mountainous island. The Capital of Y'Kiomi is nestled between two mountains, and its streets rise sharply away from the forked bay that comprises its harbor. The steep terrain makes it look as if the whitewashed buildings of the densely populated city are stacked atop one another to ships entering the harbor. At night, thousands of torches illuminate the busy port city, making it visible from several miles out to sea.

Government and Politics


The Garos Council governs El-Ekki and is composed of representatives of the clergies of the various temples on the island, along with the mayor of the capital city of Calabaro. They spend much of their time planning for the annual Del-Ot festival. Since the Alesian conquest of Elluria, the Council has been engaged in a careful diplomatic balancing act as they attempt to politely rebuff Alesian efforts to extend their influence onto the island.


Sevule has a monarchial form of government. The current King is Edward of Luquef.



The city of Calabaro maintains a small city watch to keep the peace, and the various temples have their own guards to protect the island's holy sites. During the Del-Ot, the Garos Council hires additional guards to help maintain order and ensure the safety of the pilgrims.


Sevule maintains a small navy. It relies on the its tall, easily defensible rocky shores as much as its vessels.


The island of El-Ekki is sacred to followers of the Ellurian religion. The island contains important temples to the Ellurian gods, and is an site of pilgrimages during the nine day Del-Ot festival, which begins on the 24th day of Second Seed and lasts for nine days, ending on the first day of Mid Year.

Sevule also follows the Ellurian religion.

Society and Peoples

Ekkians are widely regarded as the most moral and honest people of the Southlands. Sevulians lack a strong reputation for now, being overshadowed in most cultural ways by their neighbors.


Both islands speak Ellurian dialects.