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Geographical Information
Location: West of Leturia
Geographical Features: Barren wasteland
Significant Resources: Scattered Oases
Dangers: Nomadic raiders
Notable Wildlife: Speckle-Pelted Desert Bear
Inhabitants: Yosp Tribe, Sibdar Tribe, Euryalis


The Great Desert in the southwest of Veth.

West of Leturia, south of Zul Kiras, the tip of Arangoth's continent ends in a barren area known as the Great Desert, or Ferluxebi. This vast, arid wasteland is home to the Yosp and Sibdar raider tribes.

Bordered on the south and west by the seas, the north by the Cyrmian Mountain range and Zul Kiras beyond, and on the east by Leturia lies the Great Desert, known as Ferluxebi. A near barren wasteland, it is dotted with a number of oases, and roamed by such fauna as small as the kangaroo mouse, and as large as the speckle-pelted desert bear. Its nomadic people are known as the Yosp and the Sibdar, two tribes to whom both gardening and raiding is a way of life. Raiding is regarded as the more honourable, and enjoyable occupation however.

Behind the Name

Ferluxebi means "Great Desert" in Leturian

The Yosp and Sibdar

Not a great deal is known of the Yosp and Sibdar, but despite their separate names they appear to live quite similarily. Their chieftains wear colourful headgear, decorated with row upon row of bright cowrie shells and colorful beads. They live in tents and migrate from oasis to oasis, where they stay for a time, often gardening there with the help of their captive slaves.

Slaves are most often used as labourers, and, just like the slaving Leturians, treatment of these captives depends on their owner. Yosp and Sibdar slaves include Leturians, Mingits, Seccans, Arangothians, and even Ellurians.

The westernmost province of Griffon's Aerie and the most popular target for Yosp and Sibdar raiding of coins, valuables, food and slaves. Many Yosp and Sibdar parties still attempt raids deep and far into the vulnerable Griffon's Aerie countryside whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Each Yosp or Sibdar raider takes three or four small desert ponies with him, alternating between them so as not to tire them out. This enables them to travel great distances very quickly. Although the ox-like rint of the Leturians is faster and more fearsome in battle than are the tribesmen's ponies, they do not possess so great an endurance. Like the Nufents, the Yosp and Sibdar ride 'short,' with their stirrups fastened high up to provide a stable platform for spear-throwing and to ease long-distance riding. This deviates from such cavaliers as the Templars of Arangoth, who ride 'long' to provide more force in their charges.

The Ferluxebi tribes are fond of celebrations to commemorate successfuly raids and tribal alliances. They consume large quantities of foul-smelling fermented mare's milk at these festivities. They also like to parade about with their trophies, usually from recent raids. Other popular pursuits include playing cards and horse-racing.

The Yosp and Sibdar are also traditional enemies of the Zul Kiran goblinoid races to the North. In the past, they have often raided the much less mobile Gutting Spear gnoll tribe among others. More recently the berserker Razortooth orcs have been relocated to their borders and have taken to hunting the outmatched Yosp and Sibdar for sport.

In the last half-century or so, Zul Kiran power has grown, and so has their pressure on the Ferluxebi marches. As a result, the Yosp and Sibdar raids upon Griffon's Aerie have increased as they are pushed farther south and east towards comparatively easier targets. Several years ago, the Yosp and Sibdar concluded an alliance and their combined strength has greatly troubled the Griffon's aerie government.

The Euryalis

The Great Desert is also the home to a tribe of semi-nomadic snake people, the Euryalis.