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Arlohorna (which means Castle of the Plains in the common tongue) is the county seat of the Sitharloth County of Leptatarna, located on the eastern side of Song Deep. It is the lynchpin of the border defenses protecting the frontier with Kahlahra, as well as a trading hub for goods moving overland between Arangoth and the nations of northern Veth. With the conversion of the Hoshk Tribe following the Khalar War, Khalar traders are a common site in in Arlohorna's markets. The Arangigire (Count) of Arlohorna also maintains a small honor guard of Hoshk horsemen.

Realm: Arangoth
Province: Sitharloth County of Leptatarna
Predominate Races: Human, Elven, Khalar
Head of State: Arangigire Karys Renaven
Religion: Menxism

Origins & History

Notable Figures

Karys Renaven was granted by the King lands and a title for services done in Drache and now serves as Arangigire (Countess) of these lands. A native of the Isle of Myst she is the youngest of the Northern Estate nobles and still learning the way of things.

Addison Donnohain serves as Knight and personal guard of Tespin Renaven. He oversees the training of her guard and garrison.


The Arangigire of Arlohorna is a vassal of the Sithire of Leptatarna. The Countess of Arlohorna and her barons (floxodel) have seats in the Northern Estates.

Layout & Architecture

Laws & Customs

Law Enforcement