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Racial Characteristics
Average Height: 5'8"
Average Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Other Information
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Significant Populations: N/A
Language: Goxal
Related Races: Arangothian Igmerinds

Race Origins

The Goxal are a precursor race that have origins no doubt related back to the creation of humanity as a whole, a hotly debated topic among even modern scholars. They used to reside near the edges of Song Deep in Arangoth during the Age of Turmoil. Near the tail end of the Age of Turmoil, however, the Igmerinds swept through the Goxal population and either took them for mates or murdered them. Any evidence of their race is now told by word of mouth or is found in the context of ancient primitive relics.


The Goxal had lived in the Song Deep area, trading with the Dwarves of Ruthmarna, for as long as an source can date. It's undoubted that they are one of the first races of Siveth, and perhaps they were the very first, but the world moves along with all things. The Goxal traded primarily in furs and agricultural produce, aided by their skilled druids. The Dwarves, in turn, traded these more natural luxuries for stone tools and crafts. For countless generations this sort of trade continued, until at the tail end of the Age of Turmoil the Igmerinds desecrated an entire race's history in the span of a few short years.

The Igmerinds, angered at their loss at Beren, swept through the Goxal population like wildfire. Those that did not submit to the more "refined" Igmerinds were murdered mercilessly, while those that cowered and bowed their heads were taken as wives and husbands, largely treated as servants and wet nurses. Through this brute interbreeding, the foundation of the population of Arangoth would emerge, a mixing of the Igmerind and Goxal blood creating the innovative Arangothians.

Unfortunately for both races, this interbreeding led to a collapse of the pure blood of either race. The sole exception is the small remnant of Igmerind blood found in Elvendeep, descendants of the men and women that stayed in Elvendeep after majority of the Igmerind population traveled to and conquered Beren. The Goxal, so far as it is known, are entirely extinct due to this cultural and ancestral mixing. Whereas the Sopts have devolved into a deviation of Mingit features, however, the Goxal and Igmerinds thoroughly mixed and any favoring in one bloodline or the other is not so notable.