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Racial Characteristics
Average Height: 6'4"
Average Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Other Information
Country of Origin: Kingdom of the Gemarinds
Significant Populations: Elvendeep
Language: Gemarind
Related Races: Sopts Mingits

Race Origins

The Gemarinds were one of the three main races that factor into Arangoth's storied past. Though called Igmerinds by other races, these humanoid cousins to the Spiri Elves have elongated lifespans and a similar svelte build. They are not to be confused with Half-Elves, however, and will take great offense to such an affront. Many rivalries have begun due to comments along that same vein. Though the Sopts and Mingits interbred in order to survive, the Gemarinds have survived as a race of their own, albeit a dwindling one. Much of the Elven portion of Gemarind blood was washed away with the Goxal interbreeding that occurred in Arangoth and spawned the Arangothian race, but those of pure-bred Gemarind breeding are very stern on keeping the race alive, often not allowing inter-racial marriage.


Though it's not even known by the longest lived Elf how exactly the Gemarinds came to share a portion of their blood, it's undoubtedly the reason that the Gemarinds were the first race to learn metalworking and apply it to their society. They were dominant in the era known simply as the Age of Turmoil and largely were peaceful with their immediate neighbors the Sopts and Mingits. A group of what are only known in historical texts as Rintriders abruptly swept over the land, which was the beginning of the namesake age's turmoil. The nomadic raiders swept through the prosperous Gemarind homeland, ravaging, raping, and pillaging all they came acrossed. The Gemarinds, even with their metealworking expertise, were no match for the army that could only be described as a swarm of locusts. 95% of the population perished, and those that did not fled to the Sopt Empire.

While seeking refuge in the Sopt empire, the Mingits also arrived to the empire, also refugees of the Rintrider menace. The Sopt King was more than happy to house the Gemarinds and use them as a sort of shock troop; he did not feel the same way of the Mingits, as he saw no merit in their thkarsh husbandry. With the Rintriders inexplicably heading away from the Sopt Kingdom, the king turned both the Mingits and Gemarinds out. The Gemarinds resisted and eventually overthrew the Sopt King, creating the Second Gemarind Kingdom. Eventually, due to a series of events, the Mingits left the Second Gemarind Kingdom of their own accord. This left a group of Sopts loyal to the Gemarind usurpers and a group of Sopts that saw the usurpation as treacherous, eventually joining the Mingits. The Gemarinds, along with their Sopt loyalists, ruled the Sopt lands peacefully for a couple generations before more turmoil befell them.

The Leturians abruptly invaded the Gemarinds, and for the second time in the span of 100 years the Gemarinds had their homes razed. The refugees, numbering only a few thousand, moved to Elvendeep in the hope that their Elven cousins would grant asylum to the uprooted kingdom. The Spiri allowed for such an arrangement, and for a time all was well. The turmoil continued, however, as the Elves found they could not sustain the full amount of several thousand Gemarinds. The Gemarinds, understanding their status and graciously thanking their hosts, largely left Elvendeep and eventually founded the Kingdom of Beren.

Beren was soon overrun by the Orcs of Zul Kiras, and this is where the Arangothek chapter in their history begins. Most pockets of modern-day Gemarinds stayed in Elvendeep, while the Gemarinds that founded the Kingdom of Beren interbred with the Goxal in a desperate bid for survival. The pure-blood Gemarinds to this day have struggled to regain their historical foothold in Beren, and one day they hope to regain relics of a lost age.


Gemarinds are a minority in Veth, but are heavily influenced by their Elven cousins. While the Elves still do not generally smile upon Gemarind/Elven interbreeding, most Gemarind families have been so present and prevalent in Spiri life for so long that it's barely registered as being odd. The Gemarinds partake in much the same pursuits and occupations as their Elven cousins. The largest differing characteristic is the Gemarind inclination towards war, especially for their ancestral grounds. While Elves are generally passive and prefer to be patient, the Gemarinds rely on their quick-thinking and cunning to secure quick victories.