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Country Information
Capital: Mazewood
Language: Arangothek
Ethnic Groups: Elves, Humans, Lizardmen
Government: Protectorate-State of Transdariania
Currency: Drachean Bank Crown


In years past, the Order of the Beady Eye helped to carve an Arangothian province called "Elgaria" out of part of the forest and kept the monsters at bay. After the fall of the Old Kingdom, the area was abandoned, and the forest has grown over the remains of Elgaria with unnatural speed in the past fifty years. One of the few remaining traces of the Arangothian colonies is an inn called the Hollow Log, the lone intact building amid the remains of a ruined village along the banks of the Darian. The ale room of the inn serves as a meeting place where unscrupulous merchants can meet with denizens of the forest to obtain poisons, rare spell components, exotic animals, inhuman mercenaries, and other such goods that find a ready market near at hand in Drache's infamous underworld.

Perhaps the only uncorrupted and hospitable part of the forest is the elven community of Mazewood, which has managed to not only survive, but prosper against all odds. Mazewood takes its name from the labyrinth of trees and brambles that their nature priests have created around the settlement, making it easy to spot anyone attempting to enter from watchpoints in the treetop town, and equally easy to trap and kill them if necessary. Due to the hostile nature of the forest around them, the elves of Mazewood tend to be insular, conservative, and wary of outsiders. They had a long-standing alliance with the former Kingdom of Arangoth in the past, however, and have regular dealings with a handful of trusted Arangothian merchants. They produce elven goods for export to the duchies of Arangoth, which provides a handsome income, and the resources to produce arms and armor to keep monsters at bay. Mazewood produces rangers of remarkable ability out of necessity, and some of them found employment in Arangoth's now defunct Border Watch.

In the summer of Year 489, Mazewood was over run by demonic entities, forcing the elves to abandon the settlement and seek refuge in Transdariania, which then threatened their own eastern border. In response to this, a military campaign was set in motion to not only destroy the enemies amassing at their border, but to clear out all hostile entities in the outskirts of the western Elgar and retake and help rebuild Mazewood. The western swathe of the Elgar was summarily designated as the Province of Mistgrove, which serves under Transdariania as a protectorate-state.

Geographical Features

The western Elgar consists almost entirely of dense forests and swampland, which makes it less than optimal for agriculture, some limited success in that area can be found depending on the types of crops. While the province exists on the outskirts of the wretched forest, denizens have to contend with harsh living conditions, more akin to frontier borderlands due the isolated nature of potential settlements. Various ruins of settlements of the past, silent reminders of just how hard survival is in the Elgar, can be found scattered around the forest and swampland as well. The Darian River serves as the northern border of the province of Mistgrove along with Mazewood.

Government and Politics

The government of Mistgrove is based out of Mazewood, consisting of a council of peers amongst the elves (and some small number of humans) whose ancestors have called the Elgar home for generations. Almost all of these officials were elected based on contributions to the community and their favour within it, as such, a good portion of them didn't seek out positions on the council but were considered the most capable in these roles by their contemporaries. The Council of Peers is tasked with the safety and security of the province as a whole, albeit as a protectorate-state of Transdariania, whom they rely upon to assist in matters that may be beyond their abilities. The elves of Mazewood, however, a very proud of their ability to keep their ancestral lands safe.

Notable Settlements

Mazewood is, by far, the most notable settlement, as well as being the only sizable one to be found in Mistgrove, mostly consisting of the descendants of the native Yilcari elves. The Allied Clans of Lizardmen were eradicated in 489 during the establishment of the province, however several smaller clans that were outcasts and exiles from the allied clans gladly offered their fealty to the province rather than face complete destruction. Some attempts at smaller settlements may be on the rise in the province, however, it remains to be seen if they can survive the harsh conditions of the wretched forest.


The elves of Mazewood, with their long standing tradition of being scouted into the old Arangothian Border Watch, are capable rangers and woodsmen, which serves them well in patrolling and securing the borders of the province to the best of their ability. As a protectorate-state of Transdariania, they have the ability to call upon their bannermen for assistance in times of need, with the garrison of Asprominke only a short distance away should such a helping hand be required.

Society and Peoples

The elves of Mazewood make up the majority of the population of Mistgrove, along with smaller populations of humans and lizardmen. The few sparse Phet'kree tribes that settled far west away from the heart of the Elgar, due to their extremely territorial and aggressive natures, were annihilated for the safety of the province. The occasional nomadic tribe of werespiders can be found, but these are transient and rarely stick around long before traveling back eastward deeper into the dark forest.