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Racial Characteristics
Average Height: 5'5
Average Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Other Information
Country of Origin: Kingdom of the Sopts
Significant Populations: N/A
Language: Sopt
Related Races: Mingits Igmerinds

Race Origins

The Sopts are one of the three prevalent races in the story of Arangoth, especially the pre-Arangoth history in the era known as the Age of Turmoil. The Sopts were once a wealthy and cultured race, welcoming all races with open arms, but they were eventually forced to interbreed with the Mingits in order to survive as a race. The Sopts are now nothing more than a portion of the Mingit race, their genes being so thoroughly mixed that Sopts aren't even considered a race anymore. They're simply ancestors to some Mingits.


The Sopts were a race of wine, of wealth, and of wisdom. War is nonexistent in the land of bubbling brooks, where wine flowed as bountifully as the water and a word was never misunderstood. This all changed, however, when the Igmerinds stumbled to their front door and asked for refuge. The Kingdom of Sopts had more than enough wealth for those few thousand Igmerinds to be sustained, and their knowledge of metalworking was more than enough to recoup any lost resources. The strain proved too much when the Rintriders also forced the Mingits to seek refuge with the Sopts, however.

With the Rintriders surprisingly leaving the Sopts alone, and vacating the lands that they had driven the Mingits and Igmerinds off, the Sopts were hard-pressed to oust their refugees. The issue arose when the Igmerinds and Mingits both decided that they quite enjoyed the wealth and plenty of the Sopt homeland, and the Sopts were forced to stage an assassination on the Igmerind king. The attempt failed, and he instead usurped the king of the Sopts, creating a divide in the Sopt society. Half became Igmerind loyalists, while half joined the Mingits when they fled a few years later.

The Sopts who stayed with the Igmerinds eventually all perished in the Leturian invasion of the Second Igmerind Kingdom, and if a few survived they faded to obscurity. There is no record of any Sopts making it to Elvendeep, and assuredly not to Beren. Their bloodline has been lost to history, never notably becoming interspersed with the Igmerinds or Goxal.

The Sopts who stayed with the Mingits, for their part, eventually bled into their bloodlines as well. Though the Sopts were the only of the three races to be spared mass bloodshed, they were also by far the smallest race in population to begin with, and as such were overshadowed in bloodlines by the Mingits. Sopt character traits are sometimes manifested in Mingits, even to this day, but it's never separated the Mingit population or caused a Sopt revival movement. So far as Siveth is concerned, the Sopts are extinct.