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User Bio
Birthdate N/A
Age N/A
Characters Played Xeran, Merrax, Bakchost
First Visited BDI Jan '07
Nicknames Stu
Occupation N/A
Where I Live Oz

User Bio

Karras is an Aussie who studied vocational ed in media but acts like he's a uni grad. He joined BDI in 2007 when he was bored, and since he likes fantasy and RP and had done the rounds on some MU*s on telnet and RP boards, he thought BDI was a helluva lot of fun.

While most people like to think about the next fun adventure for their character, Karras is stuck in setting-nerd mode and often thinks about trivial setting related material most folks have a passing or lack of interest in.

His areas of expertise are the western settings, notably Secca and the (WTF, mate!?) weird settings of Griffon's Aerie and Leturia. So if you have any questions about those parts of the setting or you're thinking of creating a character from there, he's your mun. Man. Dude. Person. He's a bit sporadic on BDI these days so tracking him down off IRC is a bit tricky, but if you ask one of the Channel Operators nicely they might be able to help out.