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Marog the Destroyer
User Bio
Real Name: Margo
Nickname: Nemmiecakes
Birthdate: April 16th
Age: 36
Location: Washington State
First Visited BDI: 2003
Status: Mod/Admin
Characters Played: Aezra
Azalia Stygian
Eliya Almakira
Isabelle Auxerre
Nesira Vertal
Senkessa Silak-Dekhal
Siraz'jah Av'Zathrak

User Bio

What's there to say about me that you probably don't already know? Because I talk about myself and share a lot.

I've been hanging around BDI since mid to late 2003 to currently, taking this or that hiatus occasionally. I became an op in August 2010 and didn't really do a whole lot with it until the beginning of 2012, when it came to my attention that BDI's domains might expire and drop. I spearheaded the project that has lead to BDI's current revival of interest and activity, much to my dubious pleasure. Dubious because of the sheer amount of work that's being done, and my somewhat OCD ish nature about organizing and "presenting things in a clear manner". I think that's one of my recent catch phrases, because I keep bringing it up when I don't have anything else to say in my demands for the site. The other ops and volunteers can tell you exactly what sort of slave driver I've been at this point in the project.

I've been RPing since about 2002, but my IRC experience goes back to 1998, starting on Undernet. My stepmother was the one to introduce me to the medium, and I've been active in some form or another since then. I enjoy the high fantasy, medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, sci fi, modern mutant/Marvelverse/superhero and post-apoc genres of writing (and reading!). I tend to get wordy in RP, and am one of the long posters in BDI.

I live in Washington State with my boyfriend, Chris, who helps me with a lot of the technical side of what you see on the site. He fixed the forums on the an update in August 2012 when I botched it, somehow, and broke everything. Not even sure how I did it, but glad he was around to help. I have a cats, Mortimer James Owens-Bach, and a 30 year old Congo African grey parrot, Murphy, all of whom I talk about in channel.